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Our Mission

Growing the player. Exploring the human experience.

At Salix Augeat, we believe video games have a responsibility to nourish players through an honest exploration of emotions, constructive commentary on the human experience, and finding the “fun” in the game. We do this by creating video games with experimental designs and worlds that are curious, enabling players to confront complex personal ideas through explorative storytelling. Growth occurs through confrontation, introspection, and action, and the best games have changed the way players see the world and themselves. We strive to invoke that same growth within others.

Our Philosophy

Realizing New Worlds. Cultivating True Roleplay.

At Salix Augeat, we strive to create complex narratives, player volition-focused game systems, and engaging worlds that allow the player to navigate impossible yet familiar scenarios through roleplay. Taking heavy inspiration from old-school RPG's, our team hopes that the games we make allow our players to truly express their characters, granting a new perspective that allows for growth and introspection, or in the very least, a few laughs.

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Our Commitment

Supporting through contribution. Giving back to the world.

As a studio that seeks to embody the spirit of nourishment, it would be remiss of us not to contribute value to the communities around us outside of video games. That being said, we are a company that takes social responsibility very seriously. Our first edict will be taking 10% of this project’s gross revenue and putting it aside for a Social Action Fund to support organizations as determined by the team. As we gain more financial solvency, we will seek to expand our commitment to social responsibility throughout every branch of the company.

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